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Welcome to the Discount and Dollar Postal History Cover Store

For August we have another large batch of fantastic covers on the site with 3000 for this month, including additional covers from the Forte accumulation, these will have a TJ in front of the number. We continue to put another dealers stock on the site for this month, we did a batch of Latin American with KH in front of the number. So another good selection of covers from around the world!!

We have been receiving request to put on the site certain smaller countries and so if you have a country that you haven't seen or something you collect drop me an email and if I have the time to dig for it and put it on the site I will.  These will have SR ( Special Request ) letter in front of the number. We have purchased several nice collections recently including a Antarctic and APO batch and a large United States collections and all will be appearing on the site in the next few months.

If you collect Stamps and Covers, we have online store called World Stamp Company at https://www.worldstampcompany.com/ and it has a great selection of Worldwide and United States Stamps and Covers . The covers on the site will be sorted a bit more also there is a search feature available if you type into the text box Postal History the inventory of covers will be available. The site continues to grow with inventory and there are some nice items that were put up in the last month.

We continue to put Post Cards on the various sites including Delcampe and Hip Stamp. Copy and paste this direct links to my stores for Delcampe http://www.delcampe.net/en_US/collectibles/store/tomstwasc1 and for Hip Stamp https://www.hippostcard.com/store/toms-postcards.


The United States Postal Service has given me notice that some countries Post Offices are still either shut down or working under a limited status at this time and some of the mail is going by Ship and not Air so be patient with the mail it will take longer to get overseas. Opened recently is India and some Latin American countries.

Special For The Month - Thailand

For the Special for the Month is Thailand will be at 30 per cent off Thailand . If you purchase $10.00 or more from this topic you will receive a 30% discount. Your discount will show automatically in your shopping cart once you add covers from Trains totaling $10.00. Just a note because how the web site was built some of the covers don't show up with a discount on the invoice but the we will make sure you get the whole discount on all covers. Sorry for the inconvenience. FLASH SALE FOR AUGUST:  The flash sale this month will be Stamp Collecting with a 40 percent off sale running from August 29 thru the 31st.

New Covers for August 2020

New Site Feature

In response to several requests, adding a cover to your cart will now reserve it for you for three hours. After three hours, the cover will be made available to everyone else. The cart must be checked out within those three hours.

Please email me about any problems you may be having. The more detail you can supply, the more likely the problem can be fixed.

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