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Welcome to Discount Covers

This is your new home to shop for inexpensive quality covers and postal history. Browse through thousands of covers priced at just $1.25, $2.50 or $3.75.

A new batch of covers will be posted to the website on Monday, March 30th at noon PDT.

Included this month are covers from, Spain, Portugal, Germany, India, Pakistan, Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Cuba, Lichtenstein, Latvia, Great Britain, Argentina, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, Brazil, France, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Hungary, Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Vatican City, Cyprus, Lebanon, Turkey, Romania, Russia, Estonia, Nepal, Haiti, Monaco, Morocco, Dominica, Chile, Iceland, Ireland, Greenland, Mexico, Canada, Finland, Ivory Coast, Trinidad, Togo, Zimbabwe, Congo, New Zealand, Senegal, Ceylon and many many more.

Among these are a spectacular selection of MAXimum cards from around the world, as well as some very unusual and uncommon FDCs. There are a wide range of Events among the world covers, covering many different interests.

The U.S. covers represent many states and events with a selection of Town Cancels from Florida to California and Arizona to Delaware, and many in between. As always, there is a great selection of fine quality FDCs. First Flights are well represented, along with Events of every kind.

We have something for every collector, and browsing our site is not only interesting and educational, it's a lot of fun too.

Our next upload will be in a few weeks, as always, we will send you and email notifying you in advance.

New Site Feature -In response to several requests, adding a cover to your cart will now reserve it for you for 3 hours. After three hours the cover will be made available to every one else. The cart must be checked out within that 3 hours. Saving the cart will not hold the cover.

You may save your shopping cart for up to 90 days. Simply click on Save Cart on  the menu bar at the left or bottom link bar and log into your account. Come back any time within the next three months to review and purchase your selections by clicking Retrieve Cart. to check out the cart. Do please understand that saving items does not remove them from inventory or place them on hold for you.

Discount Covers has been re-written to eliminate the need for cookies. Hopefully this will make the site usable by anyone. Please email about any problems you may be having. The more detail you can supply the more likely the problem can be fixed.

If you have a good eye for thematic covers, please let us know what covers online should be noted as thematic but are not so listed. A credit for purchases of $1.00 per ten covers is offered if you'd like to try. Please email for details.

Browse for Covers

You can browse for covers four ways:

Worldwide By Country Simply pick your favorite country. Hundreds are listed, as well as many popular groupings of related countries.

United States You can browse U.S. covers by the franking, the state or territory and by the usage.

Category This section will show covers from every country. Select the usage and see what's available.

Thematic Dozens of popular topics are listed. Select you favorite and covers from all countries related to the theme will be shown.

When you order from Discount Covers, we will email you each month to announce when new covers are added to the site. If you do not want to receive this notification, please send an email to If you have not yet ordered, but would like to be kept informed when new covers are added, please send an email to


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